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Inspiration for women of all ages and stages
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Welcome Home!

Inspiration for women of all ages and stages.

There is nothing better than having a place to escape to where you can share and feel safe at the end of the day. We are all mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, and friends to many but sometimes we just need a place where we can connect with people who have a lot of balls to juggle in life, too. Welcome. I have been a single working mother for 12 years, with two children in high school. Right now, preparing to send one child to college, the other just entered high school, working a corporate job and so wishing to be at home fulfilling my dream, I am here. I have married, divorced, dated, moved, lost jobs, changed jobs, been promoted, and lost almost everything trying to start my own business. Through my trials and tribulations, I have helped many and I am sharing much of this here. Welcome home, to a safe place where we all can start again and get it together. Together. 

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