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Cozy Rainy Fridays

It's a cold, rainy Friday and I am blessed to be able to work from home and I truly appreciate working at home today. My pug, Baxter, is pretty happy about that, too, because we can snuggle under a warm blanket, enjoy a cup of coffee, with the Hallmark holiday movies playing in the background, I will crank out some serious work today. The bonus is that I can also put on a load of laundry that will be ready to fold and put away after the workday is over. Not everyone has the perk of working from home, but I really believe we would all be a bit happier if we could. I have worked for employers who wanted me chained to a desk in an office that rarely (if ever) had a client don the front door or questioned whether I was actually working when I wasn't at my desk. The actual downside is that I work longer and get a lot more accomplished at home during the day without interruptions from coworkers, distractions (like those Krispy Kreme doughnuts in breakroom that I don't need), and I typically do not eat as much... which is not really a downside, but... My kids love that I am here, if they need me to pick them up or if I needed to take them somewhere, I can do that. Granted, they like my undivided attention, but I normally announce to them when I am done with work for the day and we can move on to what they need. Overall, it's less "Mom guilt" as long as I don't have to worry about "work guilt" it truly makes my life easier. That's not to say I don't enjoy going into an office and having coffee or lunch with my coworkers, bouncing off ideas for issues that come up in real time, networking... those are priceless. Work life balance has been a struggle for me over the years and I cannot always say that it was the employer that did not offer that... sometimes I didn't accept the offer to partake in things that would have brought me more balance in my life. This is something I have realized over the last few weeks, as sometimes we want to blame life, work, other circumstances for the things we feel, when really, these are things we have brought on ourselves. With the holidays upon us, take time for you to decompress and find more organization and balance within so it infiltrates your life. The empty space on the right in this photo has been reorganized elsewhere and cleared out to soon put up the Christmas tree... Right now, Mercury is in Retrograde which is the perfect time to do things over and get them right, or remember things that we may have forgotten... it's the perfect time to: Re-work, Re-do, Re-organize, Remember, Re-instate, Review, Repeat, Rewind, Revisit, Revamp! Whether it is your home, your office, your calendar, your work, your project, your relationships... what is it that you can work on today? What can you re-evaluate that can bring better balance to your life and make life easier for you? Share with us all... you may help someone else today!

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