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Happy Monday!

I like to see Mondays as a new beginning. Even if every day is a new beginning, and we should all remember this, Monday is the beginning of the week. I try to see the positives from the start of the week so I can start in the right frame of mind. If I can do this, maybe this will carry on to the people around me... at work, at the store, at home for my children. Even if I feel a heavy, dense weight on me right now, especially when I go to work, I still work to pull out the positive and try to find that deep down inside. Finding the best possible you is bound to be a much, much better thing that pulling out the negative and darker side of you. I have to do my part to paint my life with the right colors to bring out the best possible life for me. So what can you do today to paint with the most beautiful colors for you? Wear a pop of color, smile at a stranger, or offer to help someone in need. There is always, always something we can do to find the positive, it is not as elusive as you may think. The key is to do it over and over and over again... so it becomes a habit. I was a teacher in my former life, I taught high school French for a very short time and had my work seriously cut out for me as I took over mid-year to French I, II, and III classes full of students... that knew ZERO French. On top of this, they were not well-versed in English basics, either (What is a pronoun? *crickets*). I had to teach all three levels the basics of French, starting with the alphabet. Over and over and over, we repeated the alphabet at the beginning of each class. How many times do you have to do something before it becomes a habit? Research shows it is approximately twenty five (25) times. 25! If you do something once a day, that is 25 days. I love love love seeing people post on social media in the month of November what they are grateful for each day. I did this once and it was amazing how good I felt. I looked forward to thinking about what I was grateful for and I would post the thing that came to mind first each day. This is now a part of my daily practice, I list out at least three things I am grateful for. I like to do this as part of my bedtime ritual so I also go to bed on a positive note. What do you do to keep yourself positive? How do you start and end the day to maintain this consistency? Share with us!

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