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Happy New Year - We made it to 2020!

Yes! We are here... the year 2020. I hope this year definitely brings us the 20/20 vision for our lives, where we are going, what path we should take. When I was a kid, I loved sparklers and remember going outside under the carport and lighting them, trying not to get burned. Swirling them in the chilly air, giggling at the delight of the sparks flying off the metal wand. Sometimes we forget that childlike fun we used to have and it's nice to sometimes pickup a pack of sparklers and light them up for us, for our kids... just for fun. This year ahead is one that is full of new adventures for my children and I as my oldest will graduate high school (Congrats Class of 2020!!!) and progress to college. It's a lot to process... always having him home, or nearby. Keeping up with how school is going, baseball, and the little tidbits of his life... if you have a son, you know what I mean... those tidbits are little! It's a bittersweet time as I have no idea what life will be like when he's away, when will I see him? How will life be without him here? Will he like it? Can he find his way? One thing for sure is, I know I have spent precious years preparing him to enter the world as a responsible, conscientious adult and I can only hope he remembers all the things I have taught him. He is making real life decisions now - what college to attend, what his major will be, playing baseball, what he will be taking to college with him and what he needs while he is there. It's A LOT for a kid his age, but most of us were there at one time and we most likely turned out OK. With so many decisions to make, sometimes it's hard to forget to have fun. To light up a pack of sparklers and swirl them in the air... because we should always stop and remember to have a little fun, no matter what age we are or where we may be headed next.

I hope each of you have an amazing, incredibly blessed and prosperous New Year filled with joy and lots of love!

Stay connected and we will journey through 2020 together!

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